About Thabiso Sikwane

Thabiso Sikwane

Thabiso Sikwane is a seasoned talk-show specialist and host to KAYA FM’s talk-show. She is best-known for her KAYA FM show, Home. She has largely been focussing on seminars in Gauteng as well as online since her departure from KAYA FM. Thabiso was still a student of English and Sociology at Wits University when the radio bug bit.

Thereafter she graduated to the community station Voice of Soweto. After lots of nagging to try new things she got her first taste of talk radio and liked it. This talk-show host and seminar enthusiast is also an ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and owns her own swimming school.

The host of SA FMs Afternoon Talk has also tested her ability in one of the most challenging marathons in SA, the Comrades, in 2008 and trained for months.

Her ambitions see constant follow-through and it’s hard to imagine how Thabiso gets everything done and still manages to be a devoted wife and loving mother.

In addition to her many ambitions and successes, Thabiso trained to become a swimming instructor and endeavoured to open her own swimming school, which soon materialised. This talk-show specialist, business and career woman has a host of women who support her as she strives to achieve her dreams.

Thabiso is a sports enthusiast as well and lover of the outdoors, which is why the Comrades Marathon appealed to her. She likewise enjoys swimming, tennis and, most recently, boxing. She is a force to be reckoned with and valiantly leads a life not suitable for the faint at heart.

Her pursuits in business, in her career and in her personal life show that Thabiso is a one-of-a-kind woman unafraid to pursue her dreams and is always hungry for adventure.

She calls 5FM’s popular Koula her partner in crime and what made their Comrades challenge special is that it was in aid of charity.